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Sweet Couple Slideshow: Fydah’s trip from Kampung Baginda (near Kota Klias, Sabah, Malaysia) to 2 cities Kedah and Tambunan (near Ranau) was created by TripAdvisor. See another Malaysia slideshow. Take your travel photos and make a slideshow for free.



Ø Someone who knows what I need before I say it.
Ø Someone who knows when to laugh and when to cry.
Ø Someone who truly listens when I have something to say
Ø Someone that's there for Me during the good and bad times.
Ø Someone who is caring .
Ø Someone who loves me with all their heart and soul.
Ø Someone who is interested in reality and not as a fashion display.
Ø Someone who is honest.
Ø Someone i can trust them like a sibling, confide in like a friend but most of all, love as the great lover they are.
Ø Someone who is open and responsive.
Ø Someone who is never critical and ill-tempered in respect to i needs.
Ø Someone who knows when things have to be compromised in the relationship.
Ø Someone who understands listening is a key, but using what is heard is even more important.
Ø Someone who's there for me no matter what.
Ø Someone who is trustful.
Ø Someone who is a friend.
Ø Someone who gives a shoulder to cry on.
Ø Someone with a great sense of humor.
Ø Someone who has things in common with me.
Ø Someone who takes time to listen and enjoy me for who me are and tries not to make me something else.
Ø Someone with a constant open ear, open heart, and open mind to accept and love people for who the really are.
Ø Someone who will always be there to support my ideas without argument and love me for everything that me are.
Ø Someone who can make me happy when i sad.
Ø Someone who is a sweet, romantic person who cherishes me no matter what.
Ø Someone that i can laugh with.
Ø Someone who i can feel comfortable with and that i don't care what kind of weird stuff they see me do because i know they will still love me no matter what.
Ø Someone who allows me to be myself around them.
Ø Someone who will respect me.
Ø Someone who tells me the truth even if i don't want to hear it.
Ø Someone who knows im not perfect, but treats as though are.

note princess sunshine:You know my prince sunshine..all of the above is that u...
                        you owez be no1 in my heart...
                        i love u more...
                        thankz 4 everything my arafa...

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