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My 17 Minutes Servay...

bukak2 ja blog aku semalam nih tetiba nampak kat shuotbox tu
"anda telah ditag"

Hari ni baru dapat jawab..heheh...

Starting time : 11.00 am
Name : Fydah
Brother(s) : 1 oRG jew..
Eye's colour : kawan2 ckp sy miliki brown eyes...
Shoe's size : urmmm.7..
Hair : kdng2 curly kdng2 lurus..hhahah...but the colour msti ah htam...
Piercing : apa ni??tah phmmm
What are you wearing right now? : sluar n tshirt.. 
Where do you live now? : at home baginda...
Favorite number : urm...1,5,24.7..
Favorite drink : Bandung cincau laici..
Favorite breakfast : nasi lemak..
Broken a bone : nope...
Been in a police car : ???
Fallen for a friend : nope
Fallen for a guy in a short period of time : this time??of cz nope... 
Swam in the ocean : hurmmmm
Fallen asleep in school : of cz...hahaha...everytime..
Broken someone's heart : hurmmmm
Cried when someone died : Yah..of cz...
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : yah...coz i know he's owes call me...lala~~
Saved e-mails :yah..of cz..
Been cheated on : hurmmmm

What your room like? : my room n my dear room..heheh
What is right besides you? : my hp..haha
What is the last thing you ate? : bun besar ibu sy bg b4 dy jalan...

Who did you last yell at? : my mom
Who was the last person you dance with? : genk2 avon..heheh 
Who last made you smile? : bru tdi..when i read msj from my dear...

Final questions...
What are you listening right now? : lagu auburn..Perfect two...(LAGU TEMA BLOG NI)
What did you do today? : tido,tgk tv n mkn..heheh
Are you the oldest : hurmmmmm
Indoors or outdoors? : dua2...

Today you did...
Talk to someone you like? : my dear...
Kiss anyone? : i said mmmwah to my dear in fon only..heheh
Sing? : yah...everytime...huhu
Talk to an EX? : wat pa..buang karen jerk..huuhuu
Miss anyone? : yah..mis mu dear arafa...
Eat? : means??

Last person who...
You talked to on phone : my dear...
Made you cry : laugh..heheh
You went the mall with : my mom
Who cheered up you : hurmmmm

Have you...
Been to Mexico? : mybe next onth...(berangan)
Been to USA? : nope...

Have a crush on someone? : hurmmmm...
What book are you reading right now? : Facebook..heheh
Best feeling in the world : peaceful...
Future kids name : ni kna bincang ngan my husband...
Do you sleep with with a stuffed animal? : hahah...teda lar..
What is under your bed? : xda..
Favourite sport (s) : on..
Favorite place (s) : home sweet home..n oso my dear home...heheh
Who do you really hate? : org2 yg suka jga tpi kain org..heheh
Do you have a job? : student..
What time is it now? : 11.17 am


siap jugak suma ni dalam masa 17 minit!..

with however long it took you to complete this,
post as My __ Minutes Survey and tag 15 people..
nah..kna tag 15 org..ramainyer...

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Qaseh dalia adelia said...

mati cek !
haha lame tak buat tag ..nak wat lah jap g

sembil9n said...

tag itu menyakitkan :D

PriNcesS SunShine said...

jom2 wat...sembilah dah jwb dah..heheh

PriNcesS SunShine said...

sembilan...apesal pla mykitkan..

luvYOU said...

uuu...kene tag! :D tq!

tp sy dah wat survey nih....hehe

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