nah..ziarah2...kc tinggal lar website kat cne...



Sweet Couple Slideshow: Fydah’s trip from Kampung Baginda (near Kota Klias, Sabah, Malaysia) to 2 cities Kedah and Tambunan (near Ranau) was created by TripAdvisor. See another Malaysia slideshow. Take your travel photos and make a slideshow for free.



did u know u r so sweet..very caring..owes thinkin of me..u owes make me happy..i like when u take care about me..i like when u say "i love u " to me..ouccch...!!it make me happy...I know..u really love me(hanya sy yg tau bukti nya)i can see in u self dear..Thankz..Swear..i love u too sangs..only u i need..only u i love..n only u i miss...if i can..i want see u everyday..oucchh...i miss u sangs..i'll never leave me..i promise!!

CountDown...2 days more...pas tu kta jumpa dah..i miss u so much dear...

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