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Sweet Couple Slideshow: Fydah’s trip from Kampung Baginda (near Kota Klias, Sabah, Malaysia) to 2 cities Kedah and Tambunan (near Ranau) was created by TripAdvisor. See another Malaysia slideshow. Take your travel photos and make a slideshow for free.


4 My Darling..♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

I'M sOrRY IF i EveR haTE u FeeLinG...
nOw i ReaLize That i Afraid oF loSing U..
i nEed U now Dear..
i Really dO..
i MisS u SeriOusLy...

sO BadLy..
u're the 1 Who's Lend me rEloaD..
wHen i'M shOrt oF mOney..
wiTh even Care whEN i Pay It Back..
u'Re also The 1 who WouLd easily 4give my sily and simpLe miStake..
u Didn't evEn Care if I did tHat mistakes Several Time...
i MiSs u darLing...
u'Re the 1 in A milliOn..
remeMbeR OuR sONG yah..
i'm sOrry..But i just can't listen 2 that sOng anYmOre..
it Make me Think of U so terribly..
r u doing weLL dear???
i Hope u do..=)
u're off  tO keDah aN d i'm WorriEd..
worriEd If u fOund a GirL BettEr tHan mE...paLis3...
but I know...
SelfIsh Is not Good..
i Had rEALLy bad Day yesTerday..
iDK TO wHom sHould i speak to...
u knOw Me pErfectly..
i oWez hAd The FeelinG OF "Jelousy" that i Couldn't resiSt..
i reAlly hOpe that Can geT AWAy frOm tHis FeeLing...
i HaTe iT..
I KnOW, HavinG This feeLing doesn't woRth anyThing..
eXcept 4 tHe fact it wiLL jUst Ruin My liFe..
buT i NeeD u mOtivatiOnaL TaLk,like usuaLLy did Be4..
i miSsed That mOment..
i miSs the Way i Hold u hanD n some time i hug it..
love u Dear..MmmmmmWaaahhhh....

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